top characteristics of an successful online shop


top characteristics of an successful online shop

Every merchant wants to make sure that his customers are happy until the last click, as the biggest fear of every merchant is, that a customer leaves his website just before making a purchase due to a navigational or technical  problem.

Many successful online stores have some few characteristics in common. So, to make sure you won’t miss them out, read the following tips:


Many merchants think that they will attract more customers, if their website is the shiniest and the brightest one. Actually, a website which greets with music, dozens of pictures and 10 different windows popping up every now and then, will have a contrary effect on your potential customers, and is very likely to drive them away.

Instead of that, keep your website simple and use only few colours. Don’t forget that sometimes less is more!


If your website is poorly-organized, customers will get easily distracted and they will probably leave your website without making a purchase. That’s why you need to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. A search tool on the home page would be a brilliant idea. So would be if you minimize your subcategory menu, as too much information can make your customers confused and deter them from buying your products. Try also to get rid of the clutter, make things straightforward and pave an easy way to checkout.


Your customers will sooner or later come up with different kind of questions about your products and services. That’s why creating a 24/7 customer support service is crucial. Answering quickly your customer’s questions is the key for a successful business. Responding to complaints quickly is the best way to prevent chargeback requests, as you will be able to calm your customer down and offer them a better solution.

Besides that, a page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be also very helpful. Your customers will be happy to have all required information immediately at one spot.


Online customer cannot touch, smell or hear the products you are selling. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with accurate descriptions and photos of your products and or/services. Customers will feel more comfortable when making a purchase and at the same time, you will avoid many unsatisfied customer’s return or chargeback requests.


You should put as much effort into sending confirmation e-mails as you put into marketing and other things related to your business. Those e-mails give customers the feeling of security as they know that the order has been placed successfully. After all, those customers spent their money on buying products/services from you and you need to make a good impression on them. This way you will be able to reinforce your brand’s reliability and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.


Offering products on reduced prices is the fastest way to draw customers into your e-store.  Anytime you tell your potential customers that they are able to purchase something they wanted for a long time for a lower price as “normal”, you will have their attention. However, not only customers benefit from sales, merchants do too. A good sale is a win/win situation. Your customers will be happy that they’ve made a good purchase, and this will definitely encourage them to return to your e-store in the future and make repeat purchases. Besides that, you will surely get some new customers, as your current satisfied shoppers will recommend you to their friends and family. When offering some products on reduced prices, you will also have more potential buyers for other products. For example, if you offer discounts on your entire jeans collection, customers will probably end up buying also accessorize, jacket, shirts etc.

Offering certain products on discounted prices is a brilliant idea. However, you can also offer lower prices only to certain groups of people, for example, to elderly and retired people. This kind of gesture shows that you care about others and want to help them.


Nowadays, more and more purchases are made from a mobile device. Even though, if your business cannot afford to develop a mobile app yet, there is no reason why it cannot be optimized for a mobile use, as your website is clear and user-friendly on a wide screen, but if you shrink it down to the size of your smart phone, it will be unclear and reading the content on it will be almost impossible. Consequently, potential customers will instantly leave your online store without making a purchase.

So, don’t ignore this fact and just ask your Web Builder or Shopping Cart provider to set up a mobile site for you.


In today’s world, plastic money is simply the fact of life. According to a study from TSYS in 2014, credit cards are American’s top choice for online shopping. An incredible 48% of customers stated that their favorite way of making an online purchase is with credit cards, 30% of customers stated they rather use debit cards, and 12% of them were using PayPal as their favourite method of payment. In fact, I am sure that the percentage of customers using credit and debit cards will rapidly increase in the future.

So, if you don’t accept credit card payments through your website, you are likely to lose a lot of potential customers. However, for accepting credit card payments on your website you need to be prepared well. To get more information about credit card processing and what kind of requirements you need to meet to apply for a merchant account, check out our following blog posts:


Apply today and let our experts find you the most suitable merchant account solution for your specific business for highly competitive pricing.