Advantages of Running an Online Store


Advantages of Running an Online Store

The internet has dramatically revolutionized the way we shop. As online shopping offers many advantages, more and more people are choosing it over the traditional way of going into the physical retail store. That’s why starting an online shop is a brilliant idea.

Bellow, find some advantages of opening an online shop:


Convenience is probably the biggest advantage of an online shopping. We all know the feeling when we want to buy something, but after a long work-day we just can’t find time or energy to go to the store. The best solution for this is online shopping. Customer will be able to make a purchase from literally anywhere at any time of the day. All they need is Internet access on their computer, smart phone or tablet device. This way they will avoid travelling costs and other inconveniences, such as looking for a free parking space or getting lost on the road.


Costs of running an online store are significantly lower than costs of running a physical retail store. Firstly, when operating online, you will have no rent to pay, which is a major money saver. For example, a rent for a good located store in London can be as high as $150.000 per year for 70m2 store. Rents can be even higher if you want to open a store in major shopping centers. Besides this, you will face a whole range of smaller costs as electricity, insurance and other incidentals. Many of these costs will also incur with an online store, but they will be significantly lower.

Secondly, most of the rental stores won’t look like you’ve imagined. Usually, there will be a lot of fixing, painting and redoing, which will cost you quite an amount of money. You will also have to decorate your store to fit your brand, which won’t be cheap as well.

Lastly, a physical retail store also needs staff whenever it’s open. If your store is going to operate every day for approx. 10 hours, you will definitely need to hire at least two shop assistants. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to entirely avoid these costs with an online shop, as you will have to hire an employee to run your customer service in your online store. Nevertheless, these costs will be significantly lower if you will start only with an e-mail customer service.


A very important factor that influences the customer’s decision whether to buy a certain product or not, is the product’s price. As stated above, an online store comes with significantly lower costs, so you will be able to lower your prices and offer many different discounts to attract more and more customers.


A big advantage of an online store is, that you can reach customers anywhere in the world. You have a chance to sell your products to customers who are miles or even continents away. The distance won’t be an obstacle anymore, as you will be able to spread out as far as your servers allow. All your customers will need is Internet access on their computer or mobile phones. You will have the opportunity to show your brand to customers all around the world. One day you may find out, that your products are popular in places where you have never even thought about selling them.


At the end of the day you will be probably obligated to close your physical retail store, unless you run a gas station or a convenience store. On the other hand, your online store will be “open” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It means your customers will have access to your online store all the time, even if you are off enjoying your free time with your family, or while you are asleep. All your customers will need to make a purchase is internet access. They will be able to make a purchase in their pajamas before going to bed or in between commercials when they watch television.


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